Supporting Student Wellbeing Toolkit

Why Health and Wellness Matters For Student Success

  • Research shows that student health and wellbeing is inextricably linked to academic success, retention, and persistence to graduation.
  • Students who are not physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially well are more likely to leave the institution and have poorer academic performance (ACE, APA, NASPA, 2014).
  • According to Iowa State University data, the four top impediments to academic performance as reported by students include stress, sleep, depression, and anxiety (NCHA, 2019, p. 5).
  • Students who withdraw and do not return to higher education do so primarily from mental and behavioral health related reasons.  (NAMI, 2012). 
  • University presidents’ indicate that mental health and well-being is an increasing priority for their campuses and that it takes a campus community effort to improve well-being. 

Preparing your Plan – How Student Health and Wellness Can Support You

Supporting student wellbeing is all of our responsibility.  We all play an important role in creating a culture of wellbeing, helping connect students to resources, and helping students thrive at ISU.  Student Health and Wellness offers various resources, programs, and services that you can connect students too.  In addition, Student Health and Wellness can assist you in implementing health and wellness strategies in your settings to support student well-being.  The following includes some actionable strategies and suggestions faculty and staff can do in their own settings to enhance student wellbeing. 

All of the following below are in the PDF toolkit above.

Get Involved

Course or Meeting Structure and Content

Provide Information and Resources

Program and Education

Completing Your Plan

Making an intentional plan to support student health and wellbeing is a great first step to set you up for success for this next academic year.

The following is a Qualtrics action plan to fill out that allows you to pick some of the strategies you want to do this year to support student well-being. The examples and strategies below are not exhaustive and there are many additional ways to support student well-being. There is space in the action plan for your to write in your own strategies!

Once you are done, you will receive an email with a summary of your plan that you can save.  It will include contact information and links for support from Student Health and Wellness.

In one month, you will receive a follow up email from Qualtrics checking in on your progress with additional information on ways we can help support you.