Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing Coaching programs are confidential programs facilitated by students, for students. Wellbeing coaching is NOT counseling or medical treatment. Rather, it is a student to student program focused on providing a safe, confidential space for you to learn about areas of wellbeing that may be affecting you, to learn about resources of support available, and to help you generate some next steps you can do.

Student Wellness offers three different wellbeing coaching programs that students can enroll in for support. Thrive@ISU focuses on holistic wellbeing.

Thrive@ISU (Holistic Wellbeing)

Students who enroll in the program will complete a confidential wellbeing survey and complete a brief reflection activity. Then, you will meet one on one with a Thrive@ISU student to help you create a self-driven plan focused on your strengths. Covers any and all areas of wellbeing you want to focus on, based on what is affecting you right now.

To learn more about the program, email thrive@iastate.eduClick button below to get started!

Substance Use (Alcohol & Cannabis)

Wellbeing Coaching for substance use is a harm reduction program for college students to help you work toward a better relationship with alcohol and/or cannabis. This is a 2 session program and uses an empathetic, non judgmental style to help meet students where they are at with their alcohol and/or cannabis use. The focus is to help you uncover what is important to you and how you can be successful in reaching those goals.

Email basics@iastate.edu to get started

Recovery (Any chemical or behavioral addiction)

ISU’s Collegiate Recovery Community offers one-on-one Recovery Coaching, where students can meet with College Recovery Staff to discuss goals and strategies for the academic year. Possible goals include increasing independence from substance or behavioral addiction, incorporating more wellness into your life, or creating a study plan to keep up with academics. Students are also able to be a part of Recovery Coaching and use any of the other resources within the Collegiate Recovery Community, or they can choose to only be a part of Recovery Coaching if that best suits them.

Email collegiaterecovery@iastate.edu to get started and schedule your appointment online.