Let’s Be Frank: Safer Party Going and Hosting

Let’s Be Frank is a collaboration between Iowa State University and the City of Ames. We want your party to be a good experience for you, your guests, and the community. So whether you are a “party thrower” or “party goer”, use this guide and information below to help you reduce your risk of alcohol-related consequences personal, community, and legal.

As the university continues its focus on mitigating the spread of COVID-19, we need you to do your part throughout the year. Use the celebration tips and strategies below to help keep you healthy, and care for others’ safety. 

Click here for CDC small gathering guidance

Let’s Be Frank; Safer Partying Resources

Transportation Options | Some options for transportation for you and your guests to get home safely.

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning  | Information for how to recognize signs of Alcohol Poisoning and how to help someone in need.  

How to Help a Friend | Information on how to help a friend when showing signs of alcohol poisoning or if a friend/peer is showing signs of harmful drinking patterns or behaviors.

Minimizing Alcohol Risks | Information on how to reduce harm when consuming alcohol.  

Harm Reduction Apps and Blood Alcohol Content Calculator | Some helpful information about how to reduce your risk of alcohol-related consequences if you choose to drink.  

Mixing Alcohol with Other Substances | Information on risks associated with mixing alcohol with other substances.

Resources | Campus, community, and online resources you can connect with regarding alcohol use.

Request A Presentation | Request the “Let’s Be Frank; Safer Partying” program from the Student Wellness! It’s a fun, interactive 60-minute program facilitated by students, for students! Request it for your class, student organization, or other groups.