Student Wellness
Student Wellness

Wellness Discussion Questions

Start a Meeting with a Short Discussion about Wellbeing

There are a variety of brief activities to start a meeting or class that will establish a culture of care and respect. This is an activity you can do with your colleagues and/or with your students, depending on what you are comfortable with and how time allows.

Discussion Topic Examples

  • What is going well (Positive)
    • Have each person say one thing that is going well this week (personal or professional)
  • Gratitude
    • Have each person name one or two things they are grateful for this week. Name someone they are grateful for this week.
  • Mindfulness
    • Do a short mindful meditation exercise as a group to help focus everyone before the meeting.
      • Headspace has free meditations available:
      • Student Counseling Services has guided meditation exercises at this link:
  • Self-Care
    • Ask everyone to describe something they are doing this week to take care of themselves?
  • Recommendations
    • Have everyone give one recommendation they have for the group: a book, movie, Netflix show, recipe, hiking or biking location, etc.