What is Stress?
The word “stress” has many different connotations and definitions. In common usage, it refers to two different things:
1. situations that trigger physical and emotional reactions (often called a “stressor”), and
2. the reactions themselves (known as a “stress response”).

The first mistake is to believe all stress is negative or bad. People need some stress in their lives. It is a fact of life. It is stimulating, increases our adrenaline, and adds excitement! Different people have different stress levels that are appropriate for them. Some people need more stress in their lives than others. It is important to find a balance that works best for you.

If Stress Becomes Overwhelming
When stress becomes overwhelming, it is okay to turn to others for professional help. Student Wellness, A37 Friley Hall, 212 Beyer Court, might be a good place to start. Health educators on staff can help locate self-help resources and provide referrals as appropriate. The stress resources section provides other alternative resources available to you as well.

Symptoms of Stress

Common Stressors

Ways to Relieve Stress

Take Charge of Your Stress

Barriers to Relaxation

Relaxation Techniques


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