Student Wellness
Student Wellness

Social Norm Questions to Ask Students

Begin the semester with asking students anonymous questions about their expectations, norms, and thoughts about peers in the class. After collecting the data, share results with students and talk about the findings. Collect data using TopHat, Qualtrics, or other form of data collection.

Many students experience imposter syndrome, which can impact classroom performance, depression, and anxiety. Validating what students are feeling as they enter your classroom and working to address any common concerns they have can help establish norms and a culture within the classroom that builds community and connection. This can normalize and bring awareness to common issues that students face so that you can work through it together with them and connect them to resources on campus for support.

Example Questions to Ask Students

  1. Other students in this class are smarter than me
  2. I expect to succeed in this class
  3. I belong in this class
  4. I expect to be engaged in this class
  5. I’m concerned about how stressful this class will be this semester
  6. I know mental health resources I can connect too on campus when needed
  7. I plan to connect to mental health resources on campus when I need too
  8. I feel pressure to achieve in this class
  9. Other students in this class will do better than me academically
  10. I am excited about this semester
  11. Other students will think I am stupid if I ask a question I don’t know the answer too
  12. I am comfortable asking questions in front of my peers

Add in your own questions as well!