To Nap or Not to Nap?

Many people fear that napping leads to restless sleep at night, but that’s not necessarily true. Many people sleep poorly at night when they have an afternoon nap, but some people sleep quite a bit better. Is napping for you? Conduct a two-week experiment: Take a daily nap for one week. Then skip naps the following week. During the entire period, keep a sleep log.
Note key facts in your sleep log:
• The times you wake up and fall asleep each day.
• How long it takes you to fall asleep each night.
• How many times you wake up in the night.

Now you’ve got the data you need to make a sound decision about napping. If you do become a “napper”, keep your power-snoozes to around 30 minutes. Any longer and you’ll have trouble
waking and becoming alert again.

Source: Mayo HealthQuest Newsletter