Radical Self-Care

Radical Self-Care – 30 Day Program

Self-care is the ability to engage in human rights work without sacrificing other important parts of one’s life. Humans rights work is a movement, not a moment. Creating a culture of self-care within the activist community takes all of us! Understanding self-care as a collective goal is important for community thriving and avoiding burnout. Prioritizing self-care and encouraging self-care of others is critical. Self-care = Self-love. Self-care can sometimes feel selfish, particularly when there is so much work to do. However, replenishing your energy, soul, and mind is crucial so you can stay passionate, engaged, and impactful for the long term.

This self-care program helps to create accountability for self-care in your life and help to build self-care as a daily habit. This self-guided program provides students with daily emails for the first 7 days, followed by weekly emails for the remaining 3 weeks of the month. These emails include a reflection prompt/self-care tip, a breathwork activity with affirmation, and a text box for you to enter in a summary of your self care for the day. Taking 5 minutes each day to reflect, breathe and record your self-care for the day will help you prioritize and build self-care into your life. Research has shown that making plans and goals can help individuals make positive change in their behaviors and habits.

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