The following is more information about RESPOND Training.

Mental health problems affect each of us. You can take action to RESPOND effectively.

About 1 in 5 of us will experience a diagnosable mental illness this year. All of us experience emotional pain or distress at times in our lives. Most of us want to help yet often feel uncertain about what to do or say. RESPOND will empower you to offer effective support and useful referrals to a student or colleague. The course provides a basic overview of symptoms often associated with mental health problems and offers an action plan to help you RESPOND effectively. The course will address campus policies such as FERPA, as well as mental health resources.

Who should attend?

Any Iowa State University faculty, staff, or administrators who wish to learn more about how to RESPOND to students or colleagues who are in distress. (Graduate and undergraduate students who work in student-assistance roles have also attended these trainings.)

  • Please fill out an Outreach Request Form below if you wish to request a training for 20-40 participants. (Note: Groups of fewer than 20 will be combined with other groups to schedule a training.)

What is the cost?

With a commitment to campus wellness, ISU Wellbeing and Student Wellness have generously offered to cover the registration fees for employees and students, respectively, who complete the RESPOND training. At this time, there is no cost to individual students or to individual employees for this training.


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