Recovery Ally Training

Student Health and Wellness offers a 90 min recovery ally training for faculty, staff, and students focused on how to support students in recovery or seeking recovery.

In order to create an atmosphere of acceptance and empowerment for students who are in or considering recovery, Recovery Ally training provides an overview of what recovery means and what it looks like to build a recovery positive environment for students in or seeking recovery and to help them feel a greater sense of belonging.

Topics Covered include:

  • Understand the complex nature of substance use disorder
  • Confront stigma regarding substance use disorders and recovery
  • Be able to effectively listen and respond to those who express needs using supportive language
  • Define the multiple pathways approach to achieving wellness in recovery
  • Know available recovery support resources and how to access them

Materials After Completing Training

Everyone who completes the training and commits to practicing allyship will receive a button, sticker, and placard.

Training by Request or Register for Pre-Scheduled Training

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