Student Health and Wellness Program Request

Student Health and Wellness Unit is made up of four campus departments: Student Wellness, Student Counseling Services, Thielen Student Health Center, and Recreation Services.  Student Health and Wellness offers various program, presentation, outreach, and tour opportunities for students, staff, and faculty.  In addition, Student Health and Wellness provides safer sex items for student organizations upon request. 

Resources/Services Overview

Overview on Student Health and Wellness resources and services available to students at Iowa State University.  This is a virtual overview, about 40 minutes long.  Perfect for faculty and staff to have their students do this as an assignment within Canvas or include it as part of an orientation activity, etc.  


Student Health and Wellness unit provides set presentations on the following topics: Student Health and Wellness Resources Overview, Green Dot (violence prevention), Nutrition/Joyful Eating, Sleep, Eating Disorder/Body Image, Movement/Physical Activity, Alcohol Use, Mental Health, Health Care, Career, Healthy Relationships, and Holistic Wellbeing.  


Student Health and Wellness student employees and volunteers conduct outreach at various events, resource fairs, open houses, etc.  Students table or use the BeWellHut to provide fun, interactive ways to engage other students in learning about health and wellness resources.


The following include links to enroll in various programs offered by Student Health and Wellness.  

Tap Room (Not currently offered)

Tap Room is a relaxation program facilitated by Peer Wellness Educators or Student Health and Wellness Ambassadors. Tap Room is set to be a minimum of 2 hours in length and can be as long as 8 hours.

The Tap Room is a mobile, outreach-based environmental strategy where we set up various evidence based relaxation and stress reduction strategies in your space (office space, conference room, waiting area, etc.) for students, staff, or faculty to practice.  Folks can stop by for as much time as they want to learn about and engage in various relaxation strategies.  All activities have directions for self-directed engagement and learning.  Student volunteers or employees managing the space will be available for questions and as people leave they will provide them with resources for other mental health services on campus.   

Strategies include different relaxation and stress reduction exercises such as:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Biofeedback
  • Light Therapy
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Self Massage Canes
  • Mind Puzzles
  • Journaling Exercises (self-compassion, gratitude exercises)
  • Creative therapy (coloring, legos, etc.)
  • And more!

Online Programs

1) Sleep Well – Sleep Well is a four week, self guided sleep program focused on improving student sleep through engaging in sleep hygiene behaviors. Click here to enroll in the program. 

2) Joyful Eating – There are various self guided courses available to students around food, nutrition, meal preperation, grocery budgeting, and more.  Click here to enroll in the Joyful Eating programs.  

3) Mental Health – Kognito is an interactive, virtual role-play program to help students identify, approach, and refer students who may be in distress.

Facility Tours

Recreation Services provides facility tours to groups upon request. 

Safer Sex Items

Student organizations can request safer sex items from Student Health and Wellness to make available to members of their student organization, residence hall, sorority, fraternity, or team. Students can request latex condoms, and water based lubricant.  Latex flavored condoms, Non-latex condoms, and dental dams are available in the Student Wellness office (A37 Friley Hall) and students can walk in during business hours to take those items.  

Interview Request Form

Students who need to conduct an interview for ISU Daily, write a paper for a class, or have another need to interview staff at Student Health and Wellness should fill out the request form below.  Please fill out the form at least 7 days in advance.  We will do our best to accommodate forms filled out less than 7 days in advance but we cannot guarantee staff will be available.  Depending on who you need to interview, your form will be routed to that department to schedule time for the interview.  You will be contacted from that department to schedule the interview.  

Use the forms below to complete your request.