Physical Activity Resources

Physical activity and movement is an important part of wellness. Finding ways to incorporate movement you enjoy into your daily activity can have many benefits for your overall wellbeing including help improve your mood, relieve stress, increase energy, improve mental health, and boost your immune system.

Campus Resources

Recreation Services

  • Recreation Services has many resources for physical activity and wellness, including fitness classes, intramural sports, personal training, and outdoor recreation.

Student Wellness

  • Student Wellness can help you find activities you enjoy so movement is fun and engaging, not stressful and harmful.

Thielen Student Health Center

  • Thielen can help with all your physical wellness needs, including physical exams, physical therapy, and the pharmacy.

Student Organizations

  • There are various student organizations that involve physical activity and movement that you can join! 

Exercyse is Medicine

  • Initiative with the Dept. of Kinesiology