Student Wellness
Student Wellness

Peer Wellness Educator Program Descriptions

Below are descriptions of the eight programs that Peer Wellness Educators can facilitate for your group.  


Mindful Movement 

Description This is a 90 minute program facilitated by Recreation Services Group Fitness Instructors and Peer Wellness Educators.  The first 45 minutes of the interactive program will help students unpack what it means to exercise mindfully and learn how it pairs well with intuitive eating, instead of dieting, to help build a more positive body image.  Then, it will transition for last 45 minutes of the program to a group fitness class led by ISU Recreation Services Group Fitness Instructors.  The requester can choose a dance or yoga style fitness class for the experience.  Student Wellness will work with the requester to reserve a recreation/gym space on campus for the program.  Audience size for this program is different than the others and is capped at 100 students.  


Party Like A Cyclone

Description: This interactive program will have students engage in interactive activities to learn about strategies they can use to reduce their risk of alcohol related consequences when going to or throwing a party.  Students will also learn how to recognize signs of alcohol poisoning and harmful drinking in others and will learn strategies on how to help someone in need.  


Pillow Talk (Sleep Hygiene)

Description: This interactive program will debunk common sleep myths, describe positive sleep hygiene habits, allow participants to identify their current sleep hygiene habits and set goals to improve their sleep. 


Stress Less

Description: This revitalizing program discusses what stress is and the long term impact of stress on the mind and body. Participants will engage in mindfulness exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing exercises to de-stress and enhance their well-being. 


Thrive at ISU

Description: Resilience is the ability to bounce back and positively cope with stress and adversity. In this interactive program, participants will learn characteristics that make a person resilient and participate in exercises created to foster resilience and help them to thrive while at Iowa State. Participants will identify lifestyle changes that can help them to be more resilient to improve their overall well-being. 


What’s for Dinner

Description:  This interactive program will engage students in learning how to make food and eating a priority in their busy schedules.  


The Joy of Eating

Description: This interactive program will engage students in challenging the diet mentality and re-discovering the joy of eating!


Everyday Self-Care

Description: This interactive program will engage students in understanding and unpacking self-care, learning more about how they currently take care of themselves, and exploring ways to enhance self-care in their daily lives.  


Holistic Wellness – What it Means to Me

Description: This interactive program will engage students in understanding and unpacking the 8 dimensions of wellness.  Students will learn about the dimensions, and engage in an activity to understand where they are it in each dimension.