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Peer Wellness Educator FAQ

What is a Peer Wellness Educator?

Peer Wellness Educators are highly trained undergraduate students who work with their fellow peers at Iowa State University (ISU) to promote wellness through evidence informed educational and social marketing strategies.  These strategies are designed to enhance knowledge around wellness as well as increase access to wellness information and resources on campus so students are better equipped with tools to be successful at ISU.  For more information, check out our About Us page. 


What will a Peer Wellness Educator do?

Peer Wellness Educators will provide various evidence informed educational, social marketing, and engagement strategies in innovative ways to connect with their fellow peers at ISU around enhancing their holistic well-being.  Peer Wellness Educators will give presentations to student groups, plan and implement wellness events and programs, create and promote wellness messages/campaigns to other students, among other responsibilities.  Click here to view the Peer Wellness Educator Job Description.


Are Peer Wellness Educators paid?

YES!  Peer Wellness Educators work between 5-10 hours a week and are compensated at $10/hour.  Students work a flexible schedule and all of their work is done on campus. If students have other on-campus positions, they cannot work more than 20 hours per week between the jobs.  


Do I need to have a specific major to apply?

NO!  Our application is open to any undergraduate student from any academic background.  We encourage students from all colleges to apply.  The only requirement is for students to be interested in wellness and interested in working with other students to help them be more successful at ISU!  The skills that you will learn and use as a peer wellness educator will apply to any career or job you pursue in the future.  


What is the Peer Wellness Educator hiring process?

Student Wellness selects students every Fall semester through an application/interview process to begin work the FOLLOWING Fall semester.  Student Wellness will be selecting students in the Fall 2020 semester to be our 2021-22 Peer Wellness Educators (beginning in August 2021).   Students must complete their training in the Spring/Summer before beginning work in the following Fall semester.  For more information about our application process and timeline, click here.


What training is required for Peer Wellness Educators once hired?

Newly selected Peer Wellness Educators in Fall 2020 must complete the following requirements before officially beginning their job in Fall 2021.  

  • Successfully complete and pass the following course: U ST 316X: Leadership in Peer Education (Spring 2020)  
  • Successfully complete the Wellness training August, 2021 (week before courses start).  All students are paid for this training. 

Peer Wellness Educators will be required to enroll in U ST 316X in once they are selected in Fall 2019 (end of October is when we announce who we select) to take the course in Spring 2021.  


What is the U ST 316X course?

U ST 316X: Leadership in Peer Education is a new course at ISU that is offered every Spring.  All newly selected Peer Wellness Educators in the Fall will take the course together in the Spring as a required part of their training.  U ST 316x is a 2-credit, pass/fail course.  The course provides students with a foundation in peer education theory and skills.  

The course meets every Tuesday/Thursday from 8:00 AM – 9:20 AM for the entire Spring Semester.  Student hiring is contingent upon satisfactorily passing the course.   

If you are interested in applying for the Peer Wellness Educator position, you must hold/save this course date/time in your class schedule.  


How does Peer Wellness Education fit into the vision of the Division of Student Affairs and the Mission of ISU?

Higher learning, student success, and student development are core to the vision and mission of ISU.  Wellbeing and safety are inextricably linked to student success.  A student’s ability & readiness to learn is diminished if they are not physically, emotionally, financially, socially, or spiritually well. 

Peer Wellness Educators play an important role in helping their fellow students enhance their wellbeing so they can reach their full potential at Iowa State University.  Peer Wellness Educators work to create a welcoming, safe, and inclusive living/learning environment as well as engage in strategies to provide students with wellness information, resources, and opportunities to help them be more successful.  College students often turn to and listen to their fellow peers for information, thus making the role of Peer Wellness Educators important at ISU.


What will I get out of the Peer Wellness Educator experience?

Peer Wellness Educators will receive extensive training on skills that will enhance their own personal and professional development.  Regardless of a student’s career path, the knowledge and skills they will learn as a Peer Wellness Educator will give them strong, transferable skills to enhance their own personal and professional development at ISU and beyond.  Peer Wellness Educators will receive extensive training and practical experience in the following areas: planning/implementing programs, facilitating presentations, public speaking, helping skills, problem solving skills, research skills, and collaboration/relationship building skills. 


What are the expectations of Peer Wellness Educators?

Peer Wellness Educators agree to the following expectations once hired:

  • Enroll in and satisfactorily pass the following course: U ST 316x (Spring 2021) 
  • Successful completion of the wellness training (August 2021)
  • Attend mandatory weekly wellness specialization meetings during the academic year
  • Attend all other Peer Wellness Educator meetings
  • Meet a minimum 2.5 grade point average
  • Work a minimum of 5 hours per week (maximum of 10 hours per week)
  • Serve at least one full academic year (August – May) in the position

In addition, Peer Wellness Educators will agree to observe these obligations of ethical behavior once hired:

  • Serve as a positive role model for healthy lifestyle choices
  • Embody the ISU Principles of Community
  • Refrain from illegal activities and illegal drug use
  • Exhibit professional behaviors both inside and outside of Peer Education activities
  • Follow all guidelines outlined in the Iowa State University Student Code of Conduct (


How do I apply to be a Peer Wellness Educator?

Students who are interested in becoming a Peer Wellness Educator can apply here.  Peer Wellness Educator Application.  Application is due October 11th, 2020 at 11:59PM.  


Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions not addressed on this page, please contact Student Wellness for more information or stop by our office.