Application is now CLOSED!  

We are thrilled you are interested in applying to be a Peer Wellness Educator.  We encourage you to read over our FAQ page and ask any questions you have prior to submitting your application. Please read the information below carefully to learn more about the Peer Wellness Educator Application Submission process.  


To apply to be a Peer Wellness Educator, please do the following

  1. Download and complete the Peer Wellness Educator application (link below).  As part of the application, you will complete some information about you as well as a few essay questions.  Please complete all information in the application.  
  2. Create or update your resume.
  3. Save your documents as a Word Document or PDF File (.doc or .pdf)
  4. Once you have completed your application, you will send your resume AND application to the Student Wellness email address (
    1. Please name your resume and application with your first name, last name.  Example “Brian Vanderheyden Resume”.  


We encourage you to take your time and fill out your application thoughtfully and thoroughly.  This is a competitive application process.  We encourage you to have a peer or mentor review your resume and application before submission.  Visit campus resources like the Academic Success Center for any writing assistance and resources.   


To download the application, click on the link below: