Student Wellness
Student Wellness

Nicotine Resources

Nicotine is a commonly used drug among youth, young adults, and college students. While many people want to quit using, they find it challenging to do so. If you have felt this way, you are not alone. Quitting or cutting down on nicotine use is a process and there are many resources available to help you.

Iowa State Resources

Student Wellness

  • Student Wellness can help with resources and information about nicotine and other drugs.

Student Counseling Services

  • Offer counseling and support services for various concerns including substance use. 

Thielen Student Health Center

  • Connect with a provider to learn more about medications available to help with quitting tobacco/nicotine use.

Collegiate Recovery Community

  • If you or someone you know is in recovery or considering recovery from an addiction, this campus program can be a great resource for you.

Community Resources

Quitline Iowa

  • Quitting tobacco is a process. Whether you are thinking about quitting, are not yet ready to quit, or have already quit, Quitline Iowa can help you with each step of the way.
  • FREE, accessible, and confidential service available to anyone.

American Lung Association

  • They have access to services and programs available to help people quit tobacco/nicotine.

Tips and Information on Quitting