Student Wellness
Student Wellness

Mental Health Task Force

Mission Statement

The ISU Mental Health Task Force will broaden and enhance ISU’s approach to suicide and substance abuse prevention, as well as mental health promotion. Using the public health approach, we will strengthen partnerships, increase strategic training, deliver outreach strategies, and develop early identification and intervention practices. Intentional focus will be placed upon addressing the needs of college student populations at higher risk for mental health and substance use disorders (racial and ethnic minority students, LGBTQIA+ students, and student veterans).

Current Projects

The ISU Mental Health Task Force is currently working on various projects to enhance suicide prevention training on campus, to enhance screening and brief intervention strategies connected to mental health, to enhance outreach and communication on campus for suicide prevention, and to plan a state-wide Regent institution conference on mental health in 2021.

Membership List

The ISU Mental Health Task Force is made up of staff/faculty from across the institution. Below is the list of members for Fiscal Year 2020.

Name Department Email Subcommittee 
Kristen Sievert Student Counseling Training 
Kelsey Engel  Student Counseling Services Training 
Sasha Borges-Ho  Student Counseling Services Training 
Carrie Giese Student Wellness Conference 
Brian Vanderheyden Student Wellness SBIRT/BASICS 
Megan Van Heiden Dean of Students Outreach 
Allison Bell ISU Police Department Training/Conf. 
David Vogel Psychology Training/SBIRT 
Laura Moeller Thielen Student Health Center  
Lois Smith  Thielen Student Health Center Outreach 
Deb Vance International Students and Scholars Outreach 
Ashley Huth  International Students and Scholars Office Outreach 
Brad Freihoefer The Center for LGBTQIA+ Student  
Brett Lohoefener Office of Univ. Counsel Conference 
Chris Hanes Student Counseling  
Jathan Chicoine Veterans Center  
Howard Tyler College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Training 
Kenyatta Shamburger Multicultural Student Affairs Conference 
Joy Stroud Reiman Gardens Conference 
Virginia Speight Dept. of BASICS 
Linda Svenson  Dept. of Residence Training 
Mike Giles Recreation Services SBIRT 
Kelsey Culbertson Suicide Awareness Org. Outreach 
Erin Baldwin Student Health & Wellness SBIRT 
Katherine Rafferty Faculty Outreach 
Mason Babcock College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Training 
Jordan Brooks  College of Design – Multicultural Liaison  
David Brown Extension & Outreach Conference Planning 
Kinsey Phillips ISU Police Department  
Keara Doocy Student Support Service Training