Meet the Peer Wellness Educators

2019-20 ISU Peer Wellness Educators

Madison Davies – Student Coordinator

She/Her/Hers | Technical Communication and International Studies | Hinckley, IL

  • My favorite facilitation to give is Stress Less because I always learn new ways to manage my stress and new examples to share with my peers.
  • My favorite self-care practice is reading!
  • When I’m not reading, I’m probably coloring, writing, and/or watching HGTV.


Maeve McGuire – Student Coordinator

She/Her/Hers | Technical Communication, Communication Studies, and a minor in French | Eagan, MN

  • Being a PWESC with Student Wellness has helped me gain practical, hands-on experience working with health and wellness initiatives that I may be doing research on in the future.
  • My favorite self-care practice is doing my laundry! I notice that when I’m really stressed, I disregard cleaning my room or house. Laundry is the first step in taking care of myself.


Samarth Vachhrajani – Student Coordinator

He/Him/His | Architecture | India

  • I became a Peer Wellness Educator because the position seemed like a place I would learn a lot about public health and social justice in my surroundings.
  • This position has given me the opportunity to be the agent of change and take action in things I am interested in.
  • My preferred form of self-care is talking to family, sleeping, and reading.


Hannah Bennet

She/Her/Hers | Kinesiology & Health | My home is where I am loved and supported!

  • I really like our Mindful Movement and Joy of Eating presentations because they both challenge the views that society has created around “health” or “wellness”.
  • My favorite self-care practice is to dance to a good tune!


Bethany Doom

She/Her/Hers | Kinesiology- Community and Public Health & Pre-Occupational Therapy options; Psychology minor | Urbandale, IA

  • One of my favorite presentations is Stress Less. It reminds me of ways to improve my stress management and allows me extra time to focus on my stress and help others learn to manage theirs.
  • My preferred self-care is going to the gym, baking cookies, or relaxing with TV/a movie with all my roommates.


Maggie Fitzpatrick

She/Her/Hers | Dietetics, minor in Psychology | Oskaloosa, IA

  • I decided to become a PWE because I want to provide students with a resource they feel comfortable coming to with any sort of questions or problems.
  • My favorite self-care activity is dancing!


Lily Harvison

She/Her/Hers | Kinesiology with a minor in Genetics | Sioux Falls, SD

  • My favorite facilitation is Stress Less because it is a good reminder to myself to try to be less stressed.
  • One goal I have before graduation is to go inside every single building on campus and not get lost!


Jillian Kurovski

She /Her/Hers | Animal Ecology, Minors –  entomology, leadership studies, speech communication | My home is where friends and family are.

  • My preferred form of self-care is taking time for myself through doing what I love, like music, art, sports, tv, and games.
  • One of my goals is to build a space elevator.


Zoey Lazere

She/Her/Hers | Art & Design , Performing Arts and Digital Media minors | Ames, IA

  • I choose to become a PWE because I remember having a harder transition into college and I know I would have benefited if I was more aware of the resources Student Wellness offered. I also wanted to engage in more conversations about our campus climate and see how Student Wellness could help create a community of care.


Blake Lineweaver

He/Him/His | Agronomy and International Agriculture | Okoboji, IA

  • I really enjoy facilitating the Stress Less presentation. Any opportunity to destress through a guided meditation is appreciated.
  • I became a PWE because as I progress through my major and courses become more specific, it’s easier to think more narrow and lose perspective. Student Wellness encourages me to think broader and find holistic solutions.


Jonathan Mennecke

He/him/his | Kinesiology Pre Med | Ames, IA

  • I became a PWE because I wanted to be more involved on my campus, and I wanted to encourage other students to learn and understand more about their own health.
  • One goal I have before graduating is to present my research at a national conference.
  • I also lived in New Zealand for half a year!


Angel McCall

She/Her/Hers | Psychology | Phoenix, AZ

  • My favorite self-care practice is to go outside, lay on a blanket and listen to music while looking up at the trees. But only when the weather is nice!
  • I am a first generation student of color and also speak Spanish.


Mae Murphy

She /Her/Hers | Architecture | Des Moines, IA

  • I am working on a project with the College of Design to incorporate stress relief techniques and facilitate a larger discussion about overall wellness on campus.
  • I take care of myself by setting a strict bedtime and wake time during the school year, this is super important to me. I am always trying to make sleep a priority as a student!


Aviana Pingel

She/Her/Hers | Environmental Science, Global Resource Systems, and Spanish LCP | St. Louis, MO

  • My favorite facilitation that we offer is our Environmental Wellness presentation! I helped create it last year.
  • My goal before graduating is to eat as much spicy falafel from The Heaping Plato as possible.


Hannah Short

She/Her/Hers | Kinesiology and Health with Exercise Science option | Knoxville, IA

  • My favorite self-care practice is to engage in physical activity. I love playing tennis and teaching classes at State Gym.
  • My goal before graduating is to take the wine and spirits class!


Kristina Swenson

She/Her/Hers | Marketing and Management | Twin Cities, MN

  • My goal before graduating is to go inside all the buildings on campus and learn something about each building!
  • I love to be active and share my passion for health and wellness with others. When I’m not working or in school, you’ll find me swimming, biking, or running with the triathlon club.


Klara Ticer

She/Her/Hers | Dietetics | Council Bluffs, IA

  • I like the stress less presentation the best because it is one that I think everyone can relate to. College can be a stressful time, so learning about ways to cope can be really important and helpful.
  • My favorite self-care practice is going to the gym. I love the boxing fitness class, and try to go at least once a week! It’s a great workout and allows me to rewind.


Maya Tydlacka-Hammeken

She/Her/Hers | Child, Adult, & Family Services, minor in Health Promotion | Minneapolis, MN

  • I was interested in this position because I believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy productive life.  I have always been inspired by Paul Wellstone’s quote: “We all do better when we all do better.” By practicing and promoting student wellness on campus, I am able to reach a greater number of individuals and help improve the overall well-being of students


Jada Wierck

She /Her/Hers | Dietetics, Biology minor | Ames, IA

  • I joined student wellness because I wanted to get more involved on campus and I am passionate about overall health and wellness of people.
  • My goal before I graduate is to take more pictures of the campus. Especially in the fall.