Student Wellness
Student Wellness

Keep Community. Stay Informed. Be Well

Welcome Cyclones! This page offers resources and strategies for students to keep community, stay informed, and be well while practicing social distancing during online classes at Iowa State University.

We encourage you to utilize campus resources and engage in the activities and strategies below during the COVID-19 outbreak. This page will have regular & new updates so check back frequently!

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Visit the Keep Community, Stay Informed, Be Well Canvas Page

Follow this public link that anyone can access to actionable strategies and resources you can do to Keep Community, Stay Informed, and Be Well. Bookmark this page and return often for strategies you can do each week.

Canvas Page

Strategies & Resources to Keep Community. Stay Informed. Be Well

The following includes various resources, strategies, and tips for keeping community, staying informed, and being well during remote work, social distancing, and online instruction at Iowa State University.


Complete this action plan with your group (student organization, sorority, fraternity, residence hall house, peer mentor group, etc.) to prioritize your well-being during online classes at Iowa State University. Filling out this plan will create buy in and hold the group accountable for doing proactive things to keep everyone well during this time of change and transition.

Student Action Plan

A helpful handout that has information and strategies for students to do during the period of online classes at Iowa State University.

Student Handout


ISU WellBeing is the hub for ISU employee well-being programs, services, resources, and information. Our mission is to create conditions in which well-being and healthy lifestyles can thrive. In supporting Student Wellness and the campus campaign to Keep Community. Stay Informed. Be Well., we are adding new strategies and resources weekly specifically for employees. Be sure to check out the website and the Adventure2 program. 

ISU WellBeing

Adventure2 is ISU’s free online whole person well-being program for employees at Iowa State University. Weekly challenges, resources, and fun programming are offered throughout the year. In response to COVID-19, we have added even more on social distancing, virtual walks, virtual lunches, etc. Find additional strategies to add to your Employee Action Plan. Haven’t registered? Check out the website for details.


Complete this action plan with your group (staff team, office, department, etc.) to prioritize your wellbeing during social distancing, remote work, and the period of online classes at Iowa State University. Faculty can also use this plan for their classes. Filling out this plan will create buy in and hold the group accountable for doing proactive things to keep everyone well during this time of change and transition.

Employee Action Plan

A helpful handout that has information and strategies for employees to do during remote work and the period of online classes at Iowa State University.

Employee Handout

Keep Community

Connect Virtually With Others

Iowa State University has various options for students to connect virtually.

Connect with your Student Organizations virtually. Check out this guide below from Student Activities with helpful information/resources.

Netflix Party

Connect with friends and host a virtual Netflix Party

Virtual Meal

Food is an important connection for many people. Host a virtual breakfast, lunch, or dinner with friends and/or family. Pick a different theme each week and enjoy!

Animal Webcams

Watch some of these animal webcams and chat about it with a friend!

Virtual Tours and Field Trips

Find a friend and go on a virtual tour of a place around the world!

Helping Others

The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting all of us and some of our peers and community members need our support during this time. Connect with friends and think about some strategies to help others during this global crisis.

  • Write thank you notes to first responders, medical providers, and others.
  • Donate to or share the “Together we are #CycloneStrong” fundraising campaign to help Cyclones in need during COVID-19. Money goes toward emergency aid, food assistance, and more.
  • Donate to local Ames area organizations in need
  • Donate items to food pantries, items for emergency shelters, etc.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Do this virtual Harry Potter themed escape room with friends!

Broadway Musicals and Plays

Watch over 15 Broadway shows or plays with others! Talk about your favorite scene or song.

Host a Virtual Trivia Night

Use resources like Kahoot to create different rounds of trivia to host with your peers! Set up a video chat hangout and have fun!

Online Gaming Party

Gaming can be a great way to connect with friends. Select a game, time, date, and have fun! Select a designated time limit for the game. Get up and move around to take some breaks during the party.

Create an Instagram Story Game

Use these instructions on how to create an Instragram story game with others. Select a topic and have fun! Share with your friends!

Stay Informed

Below are resources on campus and in the community to help you stay informed and to help get you connected to support.

Weekly Wellness Newsletter

Click the button below to view our weekly wellness newsletter! New content every Wednesday!

Weekly Wellness Newsletter

Past Wellness Newsletter Editions:

Crisis Resources

If you are concerned about your personal safety or the safety of others, if you are concerned about harming yourself or someone else, or if you believe you are losing touch with reality – utilize these resources for help.

Crisis Resources

Basic Needs

There are various resources on campus and in the community for food, housing, and other basic needs. Click the buttons below for resource documents and connection to 211 in your local area. 211 will help you find resources for basic needs in your local community. All resources in the documents below are clickable and will take you to the resource website for up to date information.

Campus Food Pantry

Basic Needs Guide for Students

Basic Need Resources - Ames Area


United Way of Story County has local resources available and connections to other local organizations for the following

Basic Needs and Other Services Guide for Ames Area

Iowa State University – COVID-19 Updates

Check the Iowa State University web page daily for updates. Click on the specific FAQ pages for more information

ISU WellBeing (Employees)

Visit ISU WellBeing website for up to date information for Faculty/Staff wellbeing.

ISU WellBeing Adventure2

Read this article for employees to maintain wellbeing during COVID-19

Read these articles from Gallup about supporting staff

Read this article from Iowa Healthiest State Initiative on staying well while working from home.

Academic Support Options

While classes are online, there are a variety of academic support resources available to you virtually or by phone. Connect with these resources to support your academic success this semester!

Student Health and Wellness

Health and wellbeing is inextricably linked to student success. Utilize these resources to support your health and wellbeing!


Stay up to date on information pertaining to Fall 2020 course registration, enrollment, graduation, and more!


The following includes resources for accessibility for students and employees.

Free Internet in the Ames community available for students and community members.

  • Free Internet Access outside Jack Trice Stadium
  • Furman Aquatic Center, 1635 13th St. The public WiFi signal at Furman extends from the aquatic center building to 13th Street.
  • Ames Public Library, 515 Douglas Ave. The Library’s WiFi signal extends to the area outside of the building.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students office helps Cyclones succeed by supporting personal development and academic success.

Google COVID-19 Resources

Google has created a website with COVID-19 health information, safety & prevention tips, resources to help for remote work, etc.

Department of Residence

Stay up to date on information pertaining to moving out of campus housing, Fall 2020 housing options, resident resources, and more!

Be Well

Global outbreaks, transition, and change are stressful, particularly when they impact your daily life. Being well is critical for students and employees during this time. Resources are available for you.

Virtual Music Events/Concerts

This page is regularly updated with virtual music events and concerts by your favorite artists. Bust out some dance moves to build in some movement while you rock out!

Regular, Joyful Movement

Follow Recreation Services on social media. They will be doing fun, virtual recreation and fitness activities for students to do while classes are online!

Other community resources and some apps are doing free online fitness classes as well. Incorporate movement you enjoy into your daily life.

Mental Health

In addition to ISU Student Health and Wellness resources listed above, here are some additional resources around supporting student and employee mental health during COVID-19.

Engage in Mindfulness, Guided Imagery Exercises

Engage in this deep breathing exercise on your own or with your group (Class, student organization, staff team, etc.). Make this a regular part of your meetings or do this at the top of each hour as a study break to recharge and refocus.

Visit Student Counseling Services Mind Body Spa for recordings of 15-20 minute guided imagery and mindfulness exercises.

Try out these other resources for mindfulness during COVID-19


Getting quality sleep of 7-9 hours per day is critical for your overall health. Good sleep will help you think more clearly and have more energy, among many other health benefits. Learn about sleep hygiene practices to help enhance your sleep.

Joyful Eating

Following Intuitive Eating principles is important for building a positive relationship with food. Use the document below for more information on the 10 principles.

Joyful Eating

Watch these 1-2 minute videos created by ISU students on quick recipes and preparing certain foods.

The Spend Smart, Eat Smart website and app from ISU Extension and Outreach has great resources for students and employees around meal planning, budgeting, preparing recipes, and more!

Discover a New Hobby

Watch YouTube clips to learn a new hobby that has been on your mind for a while. Engage your creative side!

Complete the Census

Learn more about the census

Art, Coloring Pages and Lunch Doodles

Connect with the ISU Workspace for some “Art 2 Go”. Great Do It Yourself (DIY) projects you can do at home!

Choose from one of 100 coloring pages. Get out your markers or color pencils and spend some time coloring! Its a great study break!

Participate in a daily Lunch Doodle with Mo Willems. Do this with your kids or with your fellow peers and co-workers!