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Joyful Eating

Joyful Eating Philosophy 

Student Wellness provides programs and services around food, nutrition, and body image. Joyful Eating is a non-diet, weight neutral approach to food, nutrition and body image. Programs and services from Student Wellness do not focus on weight loss, good and bad foods, or eating specific calorie amounts. Instead, programs and services are based on Health at Every Size, which is a holistic definition of health that includes principles of weight inclusivity, health enhancement, respectful care, life-enhancing movement, and eating for well-being. This philosophy is directly linked to our department’s vision, which is to create a campus culture of wellness and student success so that all students can innovate at Iowa State.  

Joyful Eating Resources 

Our department is careful about the types of resources we share because we want to ensure they align with our vision and mission. Below are resources that our department as well as our campus dietitians use for nutrition and body image education:  

Joyful Eating Programs & Services 

One of the most popular programs available through Joyful Eating is Culinary Boot Camp, which takes place once or twice each year. This interactive program integrates several departments on campus to help students expand their cooking skills in a fun environment. The goal of the program is to improve food and nutrition beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors among college students. Information about registration for Culinary Boot Camp will be sent in a campus-wide email a month before registration opens. Stay tuned!  

We offer self-guided food, nutrition, and body image courses through Canvas. Click the link here to register!

We also provide joyful eating outreach programs, which you can request by completing this form.  

If you are struggling to navigate your own food, nutrition, or body image concerns, you can access nutrition counseling with a campus dietitian. To schedule an appointment, click on the ‘nutrition counseling intake form’ at the bottom of this page.