Become a Cyde Kick

Looking to become a Cyde Kick?

Junior and senior undergraduate students can be trained to become Cyde Kicks through enrollment in KIN 494 A&B: Practicum in Motivational Interviewing offered each semester on Tuesdays from 2:10 – 3:00 PM!

  • Learn a collaborative, solution-focused, result-oriented health coaching technique
  • Work with other students to facilitate the enhancement of health, life experience, self-directed learning, and personal growth
  • Fulfill the practicum requirement needed to complete the new health coaching certificate

For more information contact Justin Lusk at or visit

As a peer health coach you will help participants:

  • Identify overall goals for behavior change
  • Create and achieve small goals geared toward reaching the overall goal
  • Empower the participant to stay motivated and proactive
  • Encouraging and improving self-efficacy

Awesome leadership experience and get a chance to work with Student Wellness on campus!  Below are the different levels of involvement and leadership experience you can gain from the Cyde Kick experience. 

Level 1: Train to become a Cyde Kick (one semester)

  • Enroll in KIN 494 A&B to train to become a Cyde Kick. The course is split into Parts A & B, each 8-weeks long.
    • Part A is the training portion of the curriculum, using online content and in class practical activities to learn how to use motivational interviewing effectively
    • Part B is the practicum portion of the course. As part of this practicum, you will meet one-on-one with undergraduate freshman and sophomore students to work toward behavior changes utilizing motivational interviewing

Level 2: Become a Cyde Kick (1-2 semesters)

  • Work as a Cyde Kick and help other students grow in their health-related behavior change goals, such as increasing physical activity, eating healthy, managing time, and reducing stress
  • Become a Peer Mentor and support students currently training to become a Cyde Kick
  • Receive Student Wellness apparel, including a polo (etc whatever we decide on)

Level 3: Become a Cyde Kick Teaching Assistant (1 semester)

  • Apply to be a Cyde Kick Teaching Assistant for KIN 494 A&B
  • Work with KIN 494 instructors to refine course activities
  • Lead in-class activities and facilitate class discussion

If you are interested in becoming a Cyde Kick, please fill out this form below.  Someone will be in contact with you soon with more information.

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