Green Dot Network

The Green Dot Network is an exciting opportunity for the campus community to contribute to the Green Dot mission to prevent power-based personal violence on campus. By participating in sustainable awareness, education, and action activities, your group (e.g. office, department, organization, club) can help create a Green Dot culture at Iowa State University. To celebrate your commitment to the safety of our community, Green Dot Network members will get swag from our constantly evolving inventory of incentives, like t-shirts, window clings, pins, pop-sockets, and more! In addition, we will provide ongoing support and communication to Green Dot Network.

How to Get Involved:

  1. Complete the intake form (takes about five minutes).
  2. Meet with the Green Dot Coordinator.
    1. Discuss your specific needs and strength for developing a plan for infusing Green Dot into your team.
    2. Learn about access to several resources and swag.
  3. Receive updates, encouragement, support, and problem solving.

Join Green Dot Network

Fill out quick form to get started. You will receive an automated message to schedule a meeting with Green Dot.

Please email for additional information.