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Student Wellness

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Partnership with Iowa State Daily, Green Dot, and Margaret Sloss Women’s Center

Every 98 seconds someone experiences assault.

During Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we will honor those impacted by power-based personal violence – sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking (also includes forms of harassment and bullying). We will highlight stories of survivors, bystanders and allies. These stories show how we are all connected and can work together to ending violence.

Submit art, photography, writings, and video to share your connection. Iowa State Daily is looking to interview those willing to share their stories.

The Iowa State Daily and campus partners are looking for the campus community to submit work that reflects the following categories:

  • Bystander (proactive and reactive)

  • Victim/survivor of power-based personal violence (sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, harassment)

  • Ally/Supporter

Need somewhere to get started? Below are prompts you may consider addressing:

How has power-based violence impacted you, a loved one or the community?

How are you working to prevent power-based violence, build awareness, or encourage action?

What ways are we or should we be supporting survivors of power-based violence? How have you supported a survivor?

What are the biggest areas you feel need to be addressed to prevent power-based violence?

Submission Information:

  • Art/Photography (high resolution, jpeg file). Don’t have the capabilities to take a high resolution photo? Please contact the Daily ( to set up time for a photographer.

  • Poem/Monologue (word documents, Google document or PDF) 350 to 500 words

  • Video/Audio (high resolution, MP4 format). One to two minutes. The video will be published on the Iowa State Daily YouTube page, with credit to the creator.

  • Story/Letter (word documents, Google documents or PDF). 350 to 500 words

  • Interview (30 minutes to 1HR). Interview are recorded and conversational. Interviews are private and can be stopped at any time.

*Longer submissions are welcomed but subject to edit to fit the file size of the website.*

If you have questions about which file types or content you can submit, please contact the Iowa State Daily’s Photo Editor in Chief, Emily Barske (

Information submitted as fact (i.e. statistics or details of an account) for any of the above selections will be fact-checked by the Daily.

By submitting your work, you are giving the Iowa State Daily full rights to publish it on both the Iowa State Daily’s website and the Voices website. The Iowa State Daily encourages discussion, but does not guarantee publication of a piece.

Submission is closed


All submission will receive information on campus and community resources related to incidents against our community policies (i.e. sexual misconduct policy). To learn more about reporting and support services, please visit