Green Dot

What is Green Dot?

A green dot is any choice, behavior, word or attitude that promotes safety for everyone and communicates utter intolerance for power-based personal violence in our Iowa State University community. A green dot is anything you do to make our community safer.

Green dots can be PROACTIVE or REACTIVE. 

Proactive Green Dots: Little things you do to make it less likely that violence, or a red dot, will ever happen. This could include you having a conversation with a friend about your stance against violence, wearing green dot gear, or posting an update on social media that violence is not acceptable in the Cyclone community.

Reactive Green Dots: The choices you make in response to a situation that you think could be harmful to another or might eventually lead to something harmful. This could include you stepping in when you notice something not quite right in the student neighborhood, walking a friend home when they’ve had too much to drink to be sure they make it home safely, or telling a friend to back off when you know the other person is not interested.

Reactive green dots come in the form of the 3D’s: Direct, Distract, and Delegate. A direct green dot occurs when you handle the situation with confrontation. Distracting is changing the conversation and the energy of the interaction by distracting them with something else (dancing, a problem, food, bathroom break, etc). Delegating is finding someone else who you feel will be more successful in fixing the problem (bar tender, other friends, Public Safety, etc).

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