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Participate in a Green Dot Training

Green Dot trainings provide the foundation for participants to become active bystanders and to engage in violence prevention through their everyday actions and behaviors. The purpose of Green Dot is to provide theory-driven understanding and practical skills that empower ISU to collectively assert that interpersonal, power-based violence has no place on our campus. Participants leave Green Dot trainings with a clear sense of their part in sustaining this message

Green Dot trainings are offered in three different stages based on your history with the Green Dot program. Connect with the Student Wellness Violence Prevention Coordinators to learn more about these trainings and to request one for your group:  

Attend Green Dot Programs & Events

In addition to ongoing Green Dot trainings, ISU hosts programs throughout the year to raise awareness about interpersonal, power-based violence and to promote bystander intervention. These programs are designed to move participants from knowledge to action by empowering them to (1) identify where harm comes from, (2) recognize when harm is taking place around them, and (3) understand what they can do to intervene and change campus norms.

Green Dot Games

Peer Wellness Educators facilitate Green Dot Games throughout the year. High-energy and full of fun, these games are engaging way for students, faculty, and staff to develop skills for refusing violence at ISU. They help ISU community members feel more prepared to be active bystanders and to take proactive actions to prevent violence, all while getting free Green Dot swag!

Green Dot Action Month

Green Dot Action Month takes place every October. Programing during this month encourages students, faculty, and staff to engage in proactive green dots – actions or behaviors that make it less likely harm will take place. This month is a time when ISU can collectively demonstrate that violence is unacceptable on our campus and in our community.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month takes place every April. Programming during this month focuses on promoting education, providing resources and support, and engaging the ISU community in sexual violence prevention. Events, displays, and activities focus on a variety of topics, such as bystander intervention, healthy relationships, community-building, and boundary-setting.

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