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Green Dot Exhibit: University Museum reACT Gallery

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University Museum reACT Gallery

Green Dot Exhibit

January 22 – February 16, 2018

Morrill Hall

Monday – Friday 

11:00 AM to 4:00 PM


What is the reACT Gallery?

The ReACT Gallery is intended to be a safe and respectful place to express and explore reactions, opinions, and perspectives of national current event issues that are relevant to the ISU community. Presented in the Reiman Gallery of the Christian Petersen Art Museum at Morrill Hall, issues will be shown primarily in the form of an exhibition of fine visual arts and engagement opportunities that foster social relevance. Within each exhibition, space will be provide to InterACT in the moment and then for ACTion to take the exhibition content beyond the Gallery.  Anyone in the ISU community can propose a topic for the ReACT Gallery at any time and are encouraged to add their voice to the discussion through partnering on upcoming exhibitions and through the InterACT space in the Gallery. 


For more information, visit Christian Petersen Art Museum.

Download reACT Gallery: Green Dot Exhibit Flyer Here


Features at the Green Dot Exhibit:

  • Engage with over 10 pieces of art

  • #METOO Tribute

  • Get Involved 

  • Campus and Community Resources

  • Reading List and Getting Connected

  • “Thank You!” letter writing 


Weekly Green Dot Exhibit Promotions

Make sure to visit at each event and get connected with the reACT Gallery 

Week #1Use the hashtag #ISUGreenDot on Facebook or Instagram and get a chance to win Green Dot gear + ISU Dining card each day.

Week #2 – Trivia with PWEs and Parks Library Special Collection. Win Green Dot gear and ISU Dining cards for the correct answer.

Week #3 – Visit these dining location for the famous Green Dot cookies:

  • Sunday: Conversations

  • Monday: Storms

  • Tuesday: Union Drive Marketplace

  • Wednesday: Windows

  • Friday: Seasons

Week #4 – Green Dot Podcast: Redefining Relationships at Iowa State on Facebook at ISUGreenDot 

  • 2/12: Signs of Love Making: How to know when someone is ‘just not that into you’ – 2PM – 3PM

  • 2/13: Turn on vs Turn Off – Understanding relationships and Boundaries – 9AM – 10AM

  • 2/14: Happy Hump Day: Sexual Respect Edition – 3PM – 4PM

  • 2/15: Hookups and Hangups: Truths and Myths about Intimacy – 2PM – 3PM

  • 2/16: Q’s and A’s: Navigating resources and campus services – 9AM – 10AM



*All videos will be posted on our ISU Green Dot YouTube Channel