About Green Dot at ISU

Our Mission:

Green Dot at Iowa State University aims to decrease power-based personal violence on campus by utilizing education, outreach, and development as mechanisms for increasing awareness and competency around bystander intervention skills.

Green Dot at Iowa State aspires to:

  • Integrate into all aspects of campus life,
  • Increase faculty and staff support;
  • Demonstrate cultural humility to better serve diverse populations; and
  • Implement best practices to enhance programs and initiatives.

Why the Green Dot?

A green dot symbolizes a single moment in time that can be used to end perpetration or support victims of power-based personal violence.  Through your words, choices and actions in any given moment, you can add a green dot to our map and make a difference. By interrupting a potential incidence of power-based personal violence, or a red dot, you increase community safety for everyone.  If each of us adds 1 or 2 or 5 or 100 green dots, we will reduce the perpetration of violence–one green dot at a time.

Green dots are divided into two categories: proactive and reactive.  Proactive green dots are things people can do to prevent power-based personal violence from happening; reactive green dots are things people can do to intervene in a red dot situation.

You can find examples of red dots, proactive and reactive green dots here

For more information about resources for someone who has experienced power-based personal violence, please click here.

Green Dot at Iowa State

Green Dot at Iowa State would not be successful without our many campus and community partners.

With over 50+ faculty and staff at Iowa State, Green Dot at Iowa State has the capability of implementing this program on a comprehensive level. Also, the Green Dot is supported by the Peer Wellness Educator program and Graduate Assistants.