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Student Wellness

Green Dot Office Program

The Green Dot office program is an exciting opportunity for staff and faculty to contribute to the Green Dot mission to prevent power-based personal violence on campus. By participating in awareness, education, and action activities, your office can help create a Green Dot culture at Iowa State. To celebrate your commitment to the safety mission, new Green Dot offices get to choose from our constantly evolving inventory of incentives, like t-shirts, window clings, pins, pop-sockets, and more!

To become a Green Dot office:

  • Choose 2 items from each category (Awareness, Staff Education, and Action) for your office/department to participate in.
  • Complete the form below committing to these office goals for this school year
  • Let us know when you completed your items
  • Celebrate being a Green Dot office and get some incentives!

How to continue being a Green Dot office:

  • To maintain your Green Dot office status, we ask you to pick 1 more item from each category to incorporate each year.
  • Do you have a Green Dot idea that isn’t listed? Great! Just let us know and we can include it.

Become a Green Dot Office

Fill out the Green Dot office form by clicking the button below. You will select the strategies you plan to complete. Once you have them completed, you will be contacted about receiving your incentives for Green Dot!

Green Dot Office Program

Please email for additional information.