Green Dot Campus Team

Green Dot is an international prevention program that focuses on bystander intervention, social marketing, and community mobilization strategies to reduce rates of violence in communities and empowers all individuals to see their role in violence prevention.

The strategy of Green Dot focuses on certifying staff and faculty from across campus to help serve on a Green Dot Campus Team. The Green Dot Campus Team works closely with the health promotion coordinators in Student Wellness to help coordinate Green Dot efforts during the year.

For employees who are interested in joining the Green Dot Campus Team, we have a few requirements they need to complete to join the team and a list of expectations once they join the Green Dot Campus Team.

Team Member Compensation

We know staff on our Green Dot Campus Team go above and beyond in helping make ISU a community that prioritizes safety and prevention. Since this is a university wide program and priority for ISU, we will now offer compensation, through the form of an EMPP or PEP, to all Green Dot Campus Team members for their work during the year.

Roles & Responsibilities

See the Green Dot Campus Team Member description for duties and responsibilities.

Interested in Joining the Team?

If you are interested in this joining the Green Dot Campus Team, please complete the form below and a member of Student Wellness will set up a time to meet with you. Space is limited.

For more information or questions, email