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Student Wellness

Green Dot Action Month

What is it?

Green Dot Action Month is an opportunity for the ISU community to show their commitment to prevention of power-based personal violence. Offices, departments, student organizations, sororities, fraternities, and other campus communities will choose a day in October to amplify the Green Dot mission. Wear green, take a picture, post to social media using #GreenDotActionMonth, and commit as a group to an action step/Proactive Green Dot you will complete during October 2020. It’s that easy!

The Goal:

By amplifying the message and showing commitment across campus, we can continue to create and reinforce a culture at ISU that makes clear that we don’t stand for any type of power-based personal violence.

The Details:

  • Along with a leader from your group (your department supervisor, student organization president, chapter adviser or president, etc.) choose a day in October 2020 to participate.
  • Sign up below and choose your action step on the form! Only one person from your group needs to sign up.
  • Plan with the rest of your team/group. Make sure everyone knows to wear green and what your action step is for the month so everyone can participate.
  • When your day comes, celebrate! Wear green! Decorate! Make steps on your action item!
  • Don’t forget to take a picture with your group (or screenshot a virtual gathering) and post it on social media using #GreenDotActionMonth. Everyone who posts using the hashtag will be entered into a drawing for gift cards!
  • Complete your action items and any extra that you want to include! 


Yes, there’s incentives! Post a picture of your group wearing green (even if you’re gathering on a virtual platform) and get entered to win gift cards! Remember to use the hashtag #GreenDotActionMonth.

How to sign up:

Pick a day in October for your department, office, or group to participate. Click on button below!

Green Dot Action Month Group Sign Up