Green Dot Action Month

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What is it?

Green Dot Action Month is an opportunity for the ISU community to show their commitment to prevention of power-based personal violence. Offices, departments, student organizations, sororities, fraternities, and other campus communities will choose a proactive Green Dot in October to do together to amplify the Green Dot mission.

The Goal:

By amplifying the message and showing commitment across campus, we can continue to create and reinforce a culture at ISU that makes clear that we don’t stand for any type of power-based personal violence.

The Details:

1) Work with your group on your proactive Green Dot strategy. Be creative!

2) Choose a date for your group to wear green and take a group photo to amplify on social media and share what proactive Green Dot you are doing during the month!

  • Don’t forget to take a picture with your group (or screenshot a virtual gathering) and post it on social media using #GreenDotActionMonth. Every group who posts using the hashtag will be entered into a drawing for incentives!


Yes, there’s incentives! Post a picture of your group wearing green (even if you’re gathering on a virtual platform) and get entered to win gift cards! Remember to use the hashtag #GreenDotActionMonth.

Green Dot Activities on Campus During October

Fall schedule coming soon!

Learn about Proactive Green Dots and get ideas with these toolkits!

Green Dot Action Month Toolkit

Use the toolkit below to help you with planning!