Meet the Student Wellness Staff

Professional Staff

Brian Vanderheyden
Director (He/They)
Kristen Clark
University Public Health Coordinator (She/Her)
Ryan Doyle
Collegiate Recovery and Substance Use Initiatives (He/Him)
Carrie Giese
Violence Prevention and Community Engagement (She/Her)
Alison St. Germain
Student Wellness Dietitian (She/Her)
Sam Shelton
Green Dot Coordinator (They/Them)
Melanie Reed
Mental Health Promotion (She/Her)
Lisa Ingalls Hurley
Administrative Assistant (She/Her)

Graduate Student Staff

Public Health Graduate Student Intern

Jacinda Daniel (She/Her)

Wellbeing Coaching Graduate Students

Lawrion Anderson
Corrine Schwarting (She/Her)
Sterling Hubbard (She/Her)
Maya Irvin-Vitela (She/Her)

Collegiate Recovery Graduate Student

Riley Harper

Peer Engagement Graduate Assistant

Taline Jouzi

Undergraduate Student Staff

Peer Wellness Educators

Sheshank Reddy (He/Him)
Clare Muckler (She/Her)
Miah Manker (She/Her)
Eva Wood (She/Her)
Stephanie Warnstadt (She/Her)
Omri Jamison (They/Them)
Emilee Tilton (She Her)
Abby Prodanovich (She/Her)
Nadeja Simon (She/Her)
Kylie Peterson (She/Her)
Madison Stolen (She/Her)
Beulah Kure (She/Her)

Joyful Eating Interns

Alyssa Martin (She/Her)
Sarah Mattingly

Graphic Design and Marketing Intern

Rilee Lansing, (She/Her),

Collegiate Recovery Ambassadors

Ella Slade (She/her)