Community of CARE

Community of C.A.R.E

Community of C.A.R.E focuses on student groups’ collective action to prioritize and engage in wellbeing. Social networks play a key role in wellbeing and shaping the norms around wellbeing. Community of C.A.R.E focuses on helping student groups (e.g. sororities, fraternities, clubs, residence halls/apartment communities, organizations, teams, etc.) prioritize and engage in sustainable strategies to enhance wellbeing for all. We all play a role in creating a culture of wellbeing at ISU and this is a way you can contribute to shifting that culture!

About the Program

Student leaders in various student organizations can get paired with a Peer Wellness Educator to work with during the year. The Peer Wellness Educator will work with your group to help you think through strategies to enhance collective group wellbeing.


Tag @bewellisu in group photos of you all engaging in strategies for changes to win incentives!

Student groups who participate in Community of C.A.R.E program will receive the following:

  • Free swag (buttons, stickers)
  • Chances to win prizes (t-shirts for your group, pizza parties, etc.)
  • Toolkit to help choose strategies to enhance wellbeing
  • Support from our Peer Wellness Educator team (ISU students who focus on helping enhance student wellbeing)
  • Regular communication from Student Health and Wellness on upcoming programs, resources, and events around wellbeing.
  • Enhanced experience at ISU!

Next Steps/Get Connected

Email Student Wellness to get connected to a Peer Wellness Educator! Click the button below

Download Toolkit

Why Wellbeing Matters

To be successful in the classroom, we must be “ready” to learn.  Our brain and body must be prepared for and open to learning experiences and this preparedness determines how much and how well we learn.  To be ready and able to learn, we must be in a state of physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, and social wellbeing. 

  • 27% of ISU students screen positive for suicidality
  • 72% of ISU students experience moderate to severe psychological distress
  • 31% of ISU students are food insecure
  • 61% of ISU students report poor quality sleep

Focusing on wellbeing is more important than ever. Here is how you can prioritize wellbeing with your social network!