Student Wellness
Student Wellness

Collegiate Recovery Upcoming Projects

  • Smart Recovery®
    • During Spring 2020, Student Health and Wellness is undergoing planning efforts to implement SMART Recovery® starting in Fall 2020. 
      • Smart Recovery® is a 4-point science-based recovery program support group where participants learn self-empowering skills and support each other in recovery. 
      • Smart Recovery® will be facilitated weekly by trained facilitators and trained peer leaders. 
      • The focus of these meetings will be to provide a safe environment for students to discuss matters related to recovery and life as a college student at Iowa State University. 
      • The goal is for this program to help students develop the necessary social support and skills to maintain sobriety or to achieve sobriety from substance use disorder or process addiction.
      • There is no requirement that students be affiliated with any other recovery, 12-step or support group.  The only requirement is that students are committed to a goal of maintaining or working towards abstinence from substance use or other addiction.
  • Fundraising
    • Students, staff, and community partners working on CRC will continually look for opportunities to engage in fundraising efforts to raise money for various programmatic and support resources for Collegiate Recovery Community students.
    • If you are interested in donating to CRC, please contact
  • Collegiate Recovery Space
    • Student Health and Wellness is actively working to find and create a space on campus for Collegiate Recovery Community students. 
    • This space will be a relaxing, safe environment for students to access during the day and evening who are connected to Collegiate Recovery Community to socialize, meet, study, and hangout.
  • Develop End of the Year Celebration & Graduation ceremony for Students in CRC
    • Create a celebration program at the end of April each year to recognize and celebrate students in recovery who have graduated and those who have successfully completed another semester at ISU.
  • Create a Recovery Alumni Program
    • Student Health and Wellness is working to establish an alumni program for students connected to the Collegiate Recovery Community. 
    • Our hope is for alumni to help with fundraising efforts, attend certain social events, connect with other alumni around the world, and attend our end of the year celebrations

If you have other ideas to help build upon the Collegiate Recovery Community program at ISU, please send them to or We appreciate any thoughts and ideas you have for us!