Collegiate Recovery Community

All Pathways to Recovery are welcome!

Welcome to the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) at Iowa State University (ISU). Collegiate Recovery Community is a peer support-based community to provide and connect folks in recovery or seeking recovery from chemical and/or behavioral addiction (such as substance use, gambling, gaming, and more) to the necessary services, resources, and opportunities to help them thrive at ISU.

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If you are interested in learning more, becoming involved, or simply have any questions about CRC at Iowa State University, you may contact 

Association for Recovery in Higher Education

Iowa State University became a member of the Association for Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) in August 2018.  

About CRC

The Collegiate Recovery Community is committed to providing addiction recovery support during the challenges and growth that come with higher education. Recovery can include gaining independence from alcohol, other substance use, gambling, or other behavioral addictions.

Our membership and focus are on students in order to make meeting your recovery and academic goals approachable and relevant. We aim to provide a variety of resources to assist a wide range of situations. In addition, the CRC offers a networking group (Recovery on Campus – Faculty/Staff Connection) for employees to build community with one another and connect with CRC students during events.

Support Services Available in CRC

  • CRC Student Organization
  • Weekly All Recovery Peer Support Meetings
  • Weekly Friends/Family/Ally Peer Support Meetings
  • One on One Recovery Coaching with CRC staff
  • Recovery on Campus- Faculty & Staff Connection
  • Substance Free Social Programming Opportunities
  • Connections to Academic Support Services on campus
  • Connections to Treatment Options on Campus and in the Community
  • And more!