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Body image and shape perception is one of the most common health issues with teenagers and young adults. Culture and social media have led us to perceive our bodies differently rather than accept all the amazing things that they allow us to do on a daily basis.

Our world tends to put validation on looks and appearance due to the increase in popularity of social media. Influencers, celebrities, photoshop, and even toys growing up has led our society to archive unrealistic ideal body types. You are not alone if you feel consistent pressure to better your physical appearance.

Every body is different and each has its’ own nutrition and exercise needs. Loving our bodies is the first step to increasing our confidence and well-being. Below you will find resources on how to improve your physical perception of yourself to better your mental well-being.

Campus Resources

  • Joyful Eating Program
    • Student Wellness provides programs and services around food, nutrition, and body image. Joyful Eating is a non-diet, weight neutral approach to food, nutrition and body image. Programs and services from Student Wellness do not focus on weight loss, good and bad foods, or eating specific calorie amounts. Instead, programs and services are based on Health at Every Size, which is a holistic definition of health that includes principles of weight inclusivity, health enhancement, respectful care, life-enhancing movement, and eating for well-being. This philosophy is directly linked to our department’s vision, which is to create a campus culture of wellness and student success so that all students can innovate at Iowa State.  
  • Thielen Student Health Center 515 294 5801

National/Online Resources