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Becoming a Cyde Kick FAQ

Want to become a Cyde Kick?  Review the following page for more information


Are Peer Wellness Educators and Cyde Kicks (Peer Health Coaches) the same program? 

No.  Peer Wellness Educator program is different from Cyde Kicks (Peer Health Coaching).  For more information about Peer Wellness Educators, click here


Who can become a trained health coach?

Any ISU student that is of Junior or Senior status is able to sign up and enroll in the KIN 494X Practicum in Motivational Interviewing to become a trained health coach.


How will becoming a trained health coach benefit me?

Health coaching is a useful skill that has become a popular tool used in clinical and fitness settings. Becoming a trained health coach will strengthen your communication skills, as well as give you extensive background knowledge and experience for future internships, job interviews, and future careers. Health coaching is a practical skill that can be utilized in many professions such as physical therapy, personal training, cardiac rehabilitation, fitness centers, psychology fields, and worksite health promotion.


How much time can I expect to commit to the training course?

KIN 494X is a 2 credit practicum that is being offered in Fall and Spring semesters.  For information about the summer course, contact Student Wellness.  The course meets for 1 hour on Tuesday from 2:10-3:00pm. There is course work associated with the training outside of class as well as an expectation to practice motivational interviewing with friends and family members which typically creates an additional 1-2 hours per week. The training is devoted to the first 8 weeks of the semester with extensive practice during class between peers and instructors, and the second half of the semester is real practice in which the health coaches (Cyde Kicks) are then paired with health coachees to further refine their health coaching skills.  You can also stay on for additional practicum credits the next semesters working with students as a Cyde Kick!


What are my opportunities after I am trained as a health coach?

Upon completion of the training, students are able to re-enroll in continuing credits the following Spring semester to continue to work one-on-one with health coachees. Students may also be given opportunities to be health coaches in research studies within the Kinesiology department.


I have additional questions about becoming a peer health coach, who can I contact for more information? 

If you would like more information about becoming a peer health coach, email