Barriers to Relaxation

Reflect upon the following barriers that might be hindering your path to relaxing effectively:

• Working Long Hours: Some of us, in our quest to earn greater material wealth or for other reasons, may be working more than is normally required. As a result, we may have less time to relax.
• Brooding: Repetitive thinking of the same thoughts over and over again is brooding. It is often counterproductive and a barrier to relaxation.
• Unchecked Imagination: If we do not put a restriction on our imagination, then we may generate thousands of ideas in a short time that become barriers to relaxation.
• Heavy Meals: Eating more than required for maintaining your body function often results in indigestion. It also liberates greater energy. These factors hinder effective relaxation.
• Inefficient Time Management: Planning your time well is very important. If you do not provide yourself with adequate time for relaxation, you will not be able to relax properly.
• Not Enough Faith in the Power of Relaxation: It is essential for any method to be really effective that it command respect and faith from those utilizing it. Some of us do not have enough faith in the power of relaxation. This lack of faith colors our perspective and prevents us from getting complete relaxation.