Resources on Racism, Health, and Wellbeing

Below are some educational resources on racial justice. They are divided into materials to read, watch, and listen. This is not an exhaustive list of resources or strategies. We welcome and appreciate feedback from the community to improve this space.

Materials to read about Racism, Health and Wellbeing

Material to watch/listen/discuss

Action Steps For Allies/Accomplices

  • Be willing to listen and learn
    • Be a good listener in order to understand the experiences of people you want to support
  • Understand your privilege
  • Help open up spaces without taking them over
    • Never speak for others; rather, take down obstacles facing oppressed individuals so they can speak for themselves
  • Do your research
    • Read books & articles, google terms, get involved in community organizations or organizing events
    • Do not ask BIPOC communities to explain racism and oppression; it places a burden on the individuals you are trying to assist
  • Speak up!
    • Call out friends, family, and coworkers on their racism and microaggressions
  • Ask individuals what they need.
    • Be mindful that at times individuals may not want to engage or answer. Respect boundaries they put up for themselves to protect their wellbeing.
    • Ex: “What kind of help do you need?”
  • Make being an ally/accomplice about what you do, not who you are
    • You are an ally through continuous action and choice; it’s something you have to work on every single day
    • Being an ally is a verb.
  • Support BIPOC-owned businesses
  • Realize that you will make mistakes
    • Listen, thank others for feedback, commit to changing your behavior, and move forward
  • Vote!

References: This information gathered from various resources including: