Alcohol Poisoning

You should call 911 if…

  • You can’t awaken your friend
  • Your friends breathing is slow, shallow, or irregular
  • Their skin is pale, bluish, cold or clammy
  • Their pulse is above 100 or below 60

While you wait…

  • Don’t give food or drink
  • Don’t induce vomiting
  • Don’t leave your friend alone
  • Have your friend lie on their side to prevent choking
  • Call 911 if your friend becomes unmanageable

Life Threatening Situations

  • Unconsciousness
  • Respiratory difficulties (weak breathing, cessation of breathing, or a person with bluish or pale colored skin)
  • Increased, decreased, or irregular pulse. Severe circulatory problems are indicated by an irregular pulse or a pulse above 100 or below 60 beats per minute
  • Vomiting while semiconscious or unconscious
  • Convulsions


If a person appears to be unconscious, try to awaken the individual by gently shaking him/her and calling their name, if you know it. If the person does not respond, call 911.

Check to see if the person is breathing. If not ask someone to 911. You should take these steps while waiting for the ambulance:

  • Check to see if their airway is open.
  • If the airway is blocked, establish an airway. If breathing does not resume immediately, give artificial ventilation.

When paramedics arrive, share what care has been provided, the person’s condition, and the amount of alcohol consumed.