Student Wellness
Student Wellness

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

Health: Continuing to drink even though you have health problems that are affected or caused by your drinking

Financial issues: Paying bills late; collection agencies calling; inability to keep track of your money

Legal issues: Driving while under the influence (OWI/DUI)

Risky behavior: Putting yourself or others in danger

Employment or school: Continuing to drink even though you realize your job or education is in jeopardy; missing work or school, or going in late due to alcohol use

Family and friends: Feeling annoyed when other people comment on, or criticize your drinking habits; feeling remorse or guilt after drinking; associating with questionable acquaintances or frequenting out of the ordinary locations when drinking

Social life: Scheduling your day around drinking; focusing recreational activities around obtaining alcohol, drinking or recovering from alcohol use; drinking alone or in secret