Student Wellness
Student Wellness

About Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC)


  • We believe “Recovery” from substance use, gambling, gaming, or other issues is a voluntary commitment to a lifestyle where a person is actively engaged in activity that promotes sobriety and overall wellbeing. 
  • As an institution that supports diversity and inclusion, we strive to create environments that support diverse and inclusive communities like students in recovery.
    • We believe supporting students in recovery is a critical social justice issue.  
    • The college environment can be an abstinence or recovery hostile environment for students, which becomes an issue of educational access for students in recovery. Sense of belonging can be difficult for students in recovery without a network of support and an environment that supports their recovery and sobriety.  
    • It is important for ISU students to be part of all aspects of college life for their academic and personal development (i.e. residential, academic, and co-curricular). 
      • Therefore, creating these support systems and substance free spaces as part of the Collegiate Recovery Community facilitates educational access and degree completion for those who need such spaces and systems of support. 


To create a Collegiate Recovery Community program where students in recovery or seeking recovery have the systems of peer support, institutional support, and substance free spaces necessary for full educational access

Mission & About CRC

The mission of Collegiate Recovery Community is to be a support-based, student-focused, and inclusive program that provides and connects students in recovery or seeking recovery to the support resources and substance free spaces necessary to achieve their optional level of academic success and wellbeing. 

  • The Collegiate Recovery Community is NOT the following:
    • CRC is not treatment.   However, we can connect you to treatment options available on campus and in the community. 
    • CRC is not a crisis service or 24/7 support service.  However, we can connect you with crisis services available on campus and in the community.
    • CRC is not 12-step based.  CRC can connect students to 12-step based programs in the community if they are interested. Students can be involved in community 12-step based programs and also participate in any CRC support services on campus. We want students to be connected with and utilize any and all resources that will help them be successful at ISU.