Student Wellness
Student Wellness

Donate – Collegiate Recovery Community Fundraiser

Collegiate Recovery Community is housed within Student Wellness.  To continue growing this essential community and network of support for students, we are in need of additional funding to build upon our foundation.  Here are some options to support Collegiate Recovery Community.

  1. Annual Fall Fundraising Campaign – FundISU

Every Fall, Student Wellness will lead a fundraising campaign using the FundISU platform. 

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  • SMART® Recovery weekly support groups on campus for students in recovery or seeking recovery as well as young adults in the community not affiliated with ISU. 
  • Student social support programming through the recognized recovery student organization in CRC (Rootless).
  • Substance use assessments and evaluations for students.
  • Student academic and wellness support services such as tutoring & wellness coaching.

2. Student Wellness Program Fund – ISU Foundation

Student Wellness has a fund established through the ISU Foundation to support various critical programs and services for students, which includes the Collegiate Recovery Community. 

Donate Student Wellness Fund

Strategies to Support Collegiate Recovery Community Fundraising

  • Consider sharing Student Wellness Recovery posts on your personal social media platforms (follow us @bewellisu on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). 
  • Consider sharing Student Wellness Recovery posts on your work or organization social media.
  • Insert information into your monthly newsletter, blog, etc. to inform others of our fundraising or write a personal post on your social media platform with the link to our ISU Foundation page
  • Share information about CRC with friends, community members, and alumni who are allies of people in recovery, are in recovery themselves, or have a connection to recovery in their lives.
  • Share information with local business leaders or organization leaders who may be interested in making a larger contribution to support CRC.