Looking to become a “Cyde Kick” Peer Health Coach?

We are seeking motivated students to enroll in a new 2-credit course being offered every Fall and Spring semester on Tuesdays from 2:10 to 3:00 PM!

Junior and senior status undergraduate students are now being trained as peer health coaches while enrolled in KIN 494A&B: Practicum in Motivational Interviewing. This course is offered to fulfill the practicum requirements needed to complete the new health coaching certificate.

The course is split into Parts A & B, each 8-weeks long. Part A is the training portion of the curriculum, and Part B then begins individual health coaching sessions. Health coaches meet one-on-one with undergraduate freshman and sophomore students to work toward behavior changes utilizing the skill of motivational interviewing. Coaching often involves behaviors such as physical activity, eating healthy, time management, and stress reduction.

As a peer health coach you will help participants:

  • Identify overall goals for behavior change
  • Create and achieve small goals geared toward reaching the overall goal
  • Empower the participant to stay motivated and proactive
  • Encouraging and improving self-efficacy