Please click on the links below and fill out the online forms to request a program (or safer sex items) from Student Wellness.  Most presentations are structured at a cap of 30-50 participants, 50-60 minutes in length, and a variety of holistic wellness topics.  

If you are looking for Student Wellness presentations not listed (e.g. you need Student Wellness to present to a larger group, you want Student Wellness to present on a different topic, etc.) – please contact Student Wellness for more information.  


  • All Green Dot programs are facilitated by ISU staff/faculty and vary in length of time.  


  • All Peer Wellness Educator programs are facilitated by Peer Wellness Educators from Student Wellness.  Peer Wellness Educators are certified peer educators through the NASPA BACCHUS program.  All Peer Wellness Educator programs are 50-60 minutes in length (that time is not flexible).  Peer Wellness Educators present on the following topics (Alcohol, Stress, Sleep, Self Care, Holistic Wellness, and Joyful Eating).  A list of the different programs is on the request form.  Programs are limited to 50 people or less.  


  • You can request the BeWellHut or BeWellTable to be at any resource fair, event, or program.  The BeWellHut and BeWellTable is staffed by Peer Wellness Educators.  Peer Wellness Educators plan fun, engaging learning activities for students to participate in when they pass by as well as provide resources on Student Wellness.  Students will get access to wellness information and can ask Peer Wellness Educators questions.  



  • Students can fill out this form to request safer sex items (condoms, lubricant, dental dams, etc) for themselves or for their student organization.  All items are free and can be picked up at Student Wellness office.