What is Physical Wellness?

Pursuing regular physical movement, a nutritious diet, adequate sleep and practicing safe behaviors.   

Physical wellness is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get the most out of our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress. Physical wellness means living responsibly and taking care of your body, and recognizing that our daily habits and behaviors have a significant impact on our overall health, wellness and quality of life.  Adopting healthful habits (i.e. a balanced diet, regular movement or physical activity, adequate sleep, routine health checks etc.) while avoiding or minimizing destructive habits (i.e. tobacco, drugs, alcohol, unsafe sex, etc.) will lead to optimal physical wellness and reduced risk of preventable chronic illness.

Wellness Topics Related to Physical Wellness

  1. Sleep
  2. Movement
  3. Joyful Eating!
  4. Sexuality
  5. Cold/Flu 
  6. Alcohol
  7. Marijuana
  8. Tobacco
  9. Stress
  10. Learning and engagement
  11. Anxiety
  12. Culture of Care
  13. Depression
  14. Disordered Eating
  15. Environment and Sustainability
  16. Healthy Relationships
  17. Sexual Misconduct
  18. Social Justice and Inclusion