Green Dot at Iowa State is a comprehensive program that is designed to reduce incidents of violence on our campus and in our community. We need YOU to help eradicate Red Dots! 

Proactive Green Dot Downloads

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Green Dot Posters

Green Dots Logos

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Bystander Intervention

The bystander intervention powerpoint and pdf are for presentation and other forms of communication to campus community. 

Bystander Intervention Slide Only

Bystander Intervention Slide Only


Classroom/Leadership Toolkit

The Green Dot Toolkits are designed to help campus partners and student leaders integrate Green Dot into their everyday curriculum and interactions. Use these in classrooms, student leadership retreats and trainings, bulletin boards, and other initiatives involving the campus community. 

Toolkit for College Administrators

Green Dot Faculty Toolkit 

Green Dot Faculty Toolkit 2

Student Affairs Toolkit

Student Leader Toolkits

Green Dot Logos


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