Iowa State University Student Wellness strives to partner with students, staff, faculty and the surrounding community to proactively create a health promoting university that supports and enhances student success, higher learning, holistic development, belonging and engagement by implementing evidence-informed strategies and providing services, opportunities and resources that build a culture of well-being; empowering all students to achieve their full potential.    



Iowa State University Student Wellness is holistic and engages students in finding balance in mind, body, and spirit, achieving success and building life-enhancing skills in their journey for life-long well-being.



Iowa State University Student Wellness will:

  • Promote a holistic and integrated wellness philosophy that is intentional and flexible based upon priority student health concerns, including, but not limited to stress, sleep, anxiety, substance use/abuse, sexual and relationship violence, sexual health, eating well, finances and spirituality.
  • Listen to student voice through conversation, assessment and learning outcome data to determine and implement evidence-informed practice in health promotion, prevention and intervention utilizing a strategic range of individual, social and environmental strategies.
  • Engage students in innovative communication and digital media strategies to ensure opportunities, resources and services are easily accessible, available and visible to everyone.
  • Strengthen collaboration and connection among students, staff, faculty and the surrounding community to create and sustain a culture of empowered, resilient and thriving students equipped to achieve their full potential.
  • Embody a social justice foundation built upon inclusivity, respect, kindness, constructive dialogue, transparency and empowerment to eliminate health and social inequities in all communities.
  • Build partnerships on campus to ensure alignment with Iowa State University’s academic mission and high impact educational practices in support of student success, retention and persistence to graduation.