Student Wellness shares these fundamental assumptions about the role of health in higher education from the 2011 Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS):

  • There is a reciprocal relationship between learning and health, as well as a direct connection between the academic mission of higher education and the well-being of students
  • In the broadest sense, health encompasses the capacity of individuals and communities to reach their potential
  • Health transcends individual factors and includes cultural, institutional, socioeconomic, and political influences
  • Health is not solely a biomedical quality measured through clinical indicators
  • Health and social justice are inextricably connected
  • Both individual and environmental approaches to health are critical

Citation: (Council for the Advancement of Standards, 2011)

Student Wellness seeks to advance Iowa State University’s Principles of Community and the American College Health Association – Ethical Principles and Guidelines in our practice. 

Iowa State University Principles of Community 

American College Health Association – General Statement Ethical Principles